Learn My Top-3 Secrets To Help You Become The Best Version of Yourself- a Stronger, Muscular, Fitter and a Healthier Version By Building a Sustainable Fitness Lifestyle

Discover an Incredible process of Self-Improvement And get Ready to Fall in Love With Yourself as you Build the Confidence, Self-Esteem and Drive to Unlock Your True Potential


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Saturday 19 Aug at 04.00 PM

Do You Face Any Of These Challenges?

Uncontrolled Weight/Fat Gain and wanting to lose excess Body Fat
You feel weak & Skinny and Desire to Build a Strong Good looking Physique
Feel Physically unfit and Low on Energy

Feeling Unhealthy, Stressed and Sleep Poorly
Struggle with Low Confidence and Low Self-Worth
Lack of Fulfilment and Purpose

What Will You Learn?

Align Your Mind and Actions to Work towards Your Goals
Strategies to Master Your Habits and Change and Transform yourself
Simplified Understanding of Right Nutrition

How Exercise works and what’s effective for you
Redesign your Lifestyle to become the Best version of yourself
Have a System to Track Your Progress and Adjust your Lifestyle


I was inspired by Adarsh’s videos on fitness and his transformation itself. Approached him to help me get into a fitness routine and have been following his regimen for the past few weeks. His methods and plans are scientific, balanced and flexible. I had limitations of equipment and time but he designed the virtual coaching program around those limited resources. All you need is a will to get fit, rest he will take care!

Sameer Byakod


Started my fitness journey with Adarsh in May 2022. Reached to him with the very generic goal of "I want to be fit". There were many unknowns when I started. Adarsh helped me understand all basic concepts of fitness. He explained what is the effective way to lose fat. Explained the importance of Calorie Deficit and Weight training. With the training plan and Diet plan given, within 3 month I started seeing results. Started with 81KG(28% Body Fat) and now(Mar-23) at 68 KG (17% Body Fat). I will be completing one year within the Fitness journey and my current goal is to get myself 6 Packs. Fitness journey has been wonderful and easy to follow. One of the best compliments I got is from my daughter who started calling me "Hi Strongy". What a great feeling. To end with I would say -- "Get Fit in Gym and Lose Weight in Kitchen"

Sridhar Kulkarni

IT Professional

Who is Adarsh Desai?

Adarsh Desai, a Mechanical Engineer turned Fitness Coach/Gym Owner, is on Mission to Help 1Lack Men Transform into a Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Stronger Version Of themselves. He is also a Founder of Stronger Men Club, an exclusive community for Men who want to become the Best Version of Themselves and fulfil their True Potential by the way of Fitness and personal excellence.

Though he has already served 700+ people through his Fitness Training/Coaching in his Gym, he is especially passionate about helping Men just like him. Being a weak, skinny kid with no special talents or interests while growing up, Adarsh went on to become a person with extreme low confidence and self-worth which stopped him from fulfilling his true potential in personal and professional life. Adopting a Fitness Lifestyle and Training for Strength gave him a new life of confidence, boosted his self-esteem and put him on a path of continuous self-improvement.

Through the Stronger Men Club, he’s on a Quest to build a Brotherhood of Men of karnataka supporting each other in their journey of self-improvement and fulfilment of their True Potential.

You MUST Attend This Webinar, If...

You want to start a Fitness Lifestyle and don’t know how and where to start.

You struggle to stick to your Exercise and Nutrition Plan.

You are a Man who want to become physically Strong and Fit.

You want to lose fat and build a Muscular Physique that you love.

Be Attractive and full of Confidence & Self-Esteem.

Feel full of Energy and live a life of High Performance.

Sleep well, reduce Stress and Risk of Lifestyle Diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Webinar For?

Men who want to be fit and also become an overall better version of themselves.

How long will this session be and what will be covered?

The webinar will be 90 min long. It will cover 3 secrets to build a successful fitness lifestyle.

How much time should I give daily to improve my fitness?

Anything between 30-60 min 3-5 days per week as per your situation and convenience.

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

Be prepared to give yourself a gift of completely isolated and distraction free 90min of time. Please be fully present and have a notebook and a pen handy to take notes.

Can I attend even if I have Zero knowledge or experience about fitness?

Absolutely you can. The concepts explained will be equally valuable and insightful for people of all experience level.

Do I need to get a gym membership to start?

No. You can absolutely start your fitness journey right from your home and get great results. Be warned that as you progress in your journey, you might develop a strong desire to go to gym and start going to gym yourself.

Will you be offering a paid program in the webinar?

Yes you will get a special offer to buy my paid program.

Still Wondering If This Webinar Is For You?

Do you struggle to do physically demanding tasks like playing with your kids?

Want to improve your Athletic Abilities?

Hate the way your clothes don’t fit well?

Have you felt you have lost the Spark in Life?

There is no Feeling Of Wellbeing?

Feel Unaccomplished and Unfulfilled?

Just want to improve the overall quality of life?

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